Set and model making is probably my favourite area of animation. I love sculpting and painting textures, making things look as realistic as possible. I made many different things for the film 'Sand Troll' ranging from the size of a coin to being a meter long.

Rock pool image 4

Rock pool

Water was created using clear acetate and the rocks are painted polystyrene
Magnet from the Recycling Animation image 6

Magnet from the Recycling Animation

Bundini's carrot image 7

Bundini's carrot

Bundini's magician cards and wand image 9

Bundini's magician cards and wand

Bundini's magic box image 10

Bundini's magic box

Bundini's magician hat image 11

Bundini's magician hat

The hat was made from card and wrapped in black fabric. The handkerchief has wire running through the seem so is could be animated.
Animatable crab image 12

Animatable crab

The crab's body is made from a shell. Same size as a 2p coin
Round buoy image 13

Round buoy

Sand Troll - prop inside cave
Compass image 14


Sand Troll
Compass image 15


Sand Troll
Rockpool image 16


Sand Troll
image 20
Doorway was green screened out and replaced with image of cave
image 21
This scene I had to edit in after effects to make it look like he was drawing the door in the sand
Sand Dune image 23

Sand Dune

sand was sprinkled on to glued surface
Sand Dune image 24

Sand Dune

Grass tips were dried brushed with paint
Sand Dune image 25

Sand Dune

The grass was made from bristles from an old broom and then spray painted green
image 26
Left - Sand dune where the glass bottle is placed Right - Sand castle
On Set image 27

On Set

Sand Troll
On Set image 30

On Set

Me animating puppet
Large scale lighthouse base image 33

Large scale lighthouse base

Made from polystyrene
On Set image 34

On Set

Sand Troll
Lighthouse image 40


Sculpted out of polystyrene and railing made from wire
On Set image 50

On Set

Inside cave
Sand Troll's cave image 51

Sand Troll's cave

Filled with items the Sand Troll collected like wellies, fishing nets, shells, rope and rowing ore.
Sand Troll's cave image 53

Sand Troll's cave

Before items were placed
Sand Troll's cave image 58

Sand Troll's cave

Here I have poured plaster all over the surface to create a rocky texture
Sand Troll's Cave image 60

Sand Troll's Cave

The cave had to be made big enough for the puppets to fit inside making the cave very big
Sand Troll's cave image 61

Sand Troll's cave

The stalactites and stalagmites were made out of polysteren